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Boobs HURT


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My boobs are hurting SO bad. It feels like I was beat up and they got bruised, but that's not the case obviously. They hurt so bad and I have noticed them increase in size. They aren't big to begin with though. I thought for sure I was pregnant so I took a home test and it was negative. Three days later I took another test and again it was negative. I am kind of confused, because I was certain I could have been pregnant, but like I said it said I wasn't. Any clues??

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I just had my period maybe a week ago. They could be growing...its just a bit odd. I'm not gaining any weight or anything...


If you had your period a week ago you probably haven't ovulated yet, so pregnancy isn't likely, esp. since you tested and it's negative, so not likely you had spotting that you mistook for a period.


How old are you?

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