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Not feeling the kiss?


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I've just met this new girl from a friend of mine. She asked me to come to a party with her on NYE, so I did. When the ball dropped she pulled me over and totally went for the kiss. We cuddled all night, then the next day we went out to eat w/ a few other friends. The next night I took her out on a date, just me and her, dinner and a movie.


I've kissed her about 3-4 times and everytime it just doesn't feel right. I mean it doesn't feel like it did for me when I was with my ex. I brought it up to her and told her that we could do much better in the kissing department next time and she agreed.


I started joking about how bad kissers we are and that we need to get it right. I told her that we should have a makeout date, practice makes perfect. She agreed, and said she's wear her strawberry lip gloss.


I'm just afraid this is kinda turning her off. I like her and would like to pursue her more.


How can I turn her on more when I kiss her? I want to rock her world next time we kiss, and leave her wanting more.


What should I do?

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I've kissed her about 3-4 times and everytime it just doesn't feel right. I mean it doesn't feel like it did for me when I was with my ex. I

What should I do?


Do you mean you don't feel a spark?


If you don't now-I doubt you will.


Recently I was dating a guy for a little over a month. Everytime we kissed, it felt like I was kissing my brother. I don't think the romantic attraction was there for me. I think he sensed that and he stopped contacting me.

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Wow, i'm really surprised you told her whatta bad kiss it was..LOL...hey honesty is cool though.

But if your really lookin to rock her world, it shouldn't be too difficult, for me, kissing is very important, it defines the rest of the relationship, as in, if i'm not feeling the kiss, then I have little hope for us.

But if your looking for pointers, just be sentual, move your lips around, switch it up, get your hands involved, gently slide your fingers through her hair, and pull her a lil closer to you, don't be afraid to get the tongue involved..lol...just switch it up, but be gentle, it should do the trick, cause if you do the same thing, same motion, it gets repetitive, and as Scaruff said, it would be like kissing your brother, well, in your case sister...; )....and if that doesn't work, then there is just no chemistry, and maybe it's not you, maybe she has little or no experience, I'm having the same problem with my new girl.

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I am going to see if she wants to go out one more time again before I head back to the university next week. I'll see if I can do more to make some sparks fly. If they don't, I guess I should see where she wants to take things.


I'm not going to over think this anymore, it might be making it worse.


I'm just going to enjoy this for however long it may last.

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