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My theory about the lure of Twighlight - Bella and Edward....opinions?


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My daughter started reading the series when it came out - and I was "sucked in" by her, my fourteen year old.


We went to the opening night premiere, and I was just blown away.


Which brings me to the point of this thread...


Why has Twighlight struck such a chord?


The thing that got me wondering was the whole dynamic of the relationship between Bella and Edward...


In Bella (17) we have someone clearly co-dependent, unconditionally in love with Edward (her words), who simply cannot FUNCTION without his affection - despite the fact that he has told her on several occasions how much he'd like to kill her...


In Edward (100 & something) we have a Vampire, admitted murderer, admitted "monster" trying to reform and become the good guy (I see a metaphor for an ex-criminal in Edward) he is extremely possessive of Bella, even stalking her...


Our modern sensibilities tell us that this is an unhealthy relationship. Yet, I, along with about 1000 other fans (mostly young teen females), see it as just about the most romantic story ever told.


Which brings me to my theory as to why: We are told by authorities, friends, family members, and society at large HOW TO LOVE, when it is okay to love, when we should not love, and what is acceptable. It is mass media marketed: If he hits you, you should leave. Don't date an alcolholic. Cheating should never be tolerated. Co-dependence is not "real love". On and on it goes - and yet, all around us are examples of the imperfectness, the sheer "humaness" of romance. Dr. Phil is a drug addict. Ex-President Clinton got a bj from Monica. Tommy smacked Pamela around. Gene cheats on Shannon. And yet....somehow, we are still told, "it's not okay to engage in imperfect love".


I think the reason I personally love Bella and Edward so much is because despite all their flaws, they don't seem to apologize for them. They love eachother in an unyielding fervor....it is a love that apologizes to No One.


Any agreement? Any disagreement?

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I have not read the book but i did see the movie. I actually saw it b/c it was the only one playing in the right time frame and i found myself inexplicably touched by the innocence and strength of their devotion to each other...and how beautiful edward was...

they had this innocent teenage love amidst this complex deeper layer...

I loved it...

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Glad someone else has noticed how completely unhealthy their relationship was. I mean, when Edward admitted stalking Bella she thought it was cute!! I would've freaked!

I think the lure of it is that they're doing something that we all know is so completely wrong. And 'wrong' feels good. hee hee

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