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to all the GUYS madly in love


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What makes your girl so special for you???

I found a lot of post here from guys hurting and missing their girls - I haven't really met guys like that in person. Before I found this site I learned to believe that guys don't have feelings, can't really love, and never get hurt and get over quickly because any other girl can replace the previous one. They just need companionship and sex, and yea connection is nice too but not really necessary to satisfy them...


Reading here I discover that wow: guys are able to experience LOVE too, well too bad I guess me and my female friends never gotten to make any guy feel this way lol...


So I'm asking all of you guys in love - wheather hurt or happy - what about your girl makes you crazy and serious about her???

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Not in love at the moment but it's difficult to explain. I'm kinda weird in that I tend to fall in love at first sight. It's never the hottest girl in the room either so it's not all physical. It's just some girls strike me like a bolt of lightening and I have to ask them out. This has only happened 3 times in my life and all 3 times we were madly in love within days.


It kind of sucks in a way because the lightening strike happens so infrequently that I stay single for really long periods of time. I can't ask someone out without the lightening bolt lol...


So to answer your question...I have no clue! I really believe it's a chemical thing for me.

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It kind of sucks in a way because the lightening strike happens so infrequently that I stay single for really long periods of time. I can't ask someone out without the lightening bolt lol...



I feel your pain dude. What I am learning about myself is that I can't accept dates from someone without that lightening bolt you describe.

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from what my bf explained to me he was always a bit interested in me.

i think physical but also mentally we clicked. he's never had a serious gf before. always dated around, and he was 24. thank god i didnt know that or i may have been scared to take him seriously from past experiences.


when we went on our first dates i played it cool. i didnt know what my intentions with him where. and this added mystery.. he told me the fact that i wasn't an open book, and i never confirmed right away if i liked him or not drove him to be more interested and persue me more.

we still had fun though and the first kiss felt really right when it finally happened. it gave us time to build a bond and get to know each other.


whether that will make a relationship last for years... time will tell though.


p.s. am female but just wanted to share my point of view. this is a first for me though.. i've never been able to say a guy was crazy or mad about me.

as one guy said, it also happens to me so rarely that i can go months and months single. usually i notice i meet someone i click with MAYBE twice a year.. even then things usually fizzle.

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What makes your girl so special for you???

Let me just start by saying so recklessly I need her...


She's special for me for a lot of reasons that I could sit here and explain to you but they are many other reasons I cannot put into words.


She is the only thing I need at the end of the day to keep me happy no matter what the circumstances. I don’t see myself being happy with anyone else and I would wait an ETERNITY just for her. I feel like I not just want her I need her and that may be bad or unhealthy but it’s a lovely feeling.


I like how she is so nice and innocent which really melts my heart…

When I talk about her I always have a smile on my face. When I look at her I am always looking into her eyes and no where else. When I see her I am the happiest guy on earth…


Theres so much more but I am not feeling too good right now emotionally and physically so that should do it.


Just remember love makes love where love may please!

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Its hard to put ur finger on it really. whenever i see my gf she is the only person that matters to me. I know the whole bros before hoes thing but whenever i see her i can't stop staring. To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Any worries just seem to go when she's around me, and when she smiles her gorgeous smile at me it makes me realize how lucky i am i have felt this way ever since we started, and its almost been a year. i think u know ur in love when, without realising, one person is on ur mind and in ur heart 24/7. They're the only person in the world that matters. u can't see flaws anymore, u just see more perfection

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I hurt and I have been hurt. The most frustrating thing I find as a man is that the image you spoke of just now is how we as men are held in standards to. It's been my experience that a woman stays by me more when I exhibit those traits you spoke of and actually has either cheated, left or was going to cheat on me if I actually exhibited traits of one who is communicative, expressive and is equally sharing. That's my experience and the thing is? When I love a woman and invest myself to my relationship with her, I actually hold my heart in the relationship and I bust my butt to be quite an amazing man.


What made my girl so special to me is because to find someone who can be mature, expressive and to be capable of mutuality. When my girl talks to me and is with me I feel a sort of energy that feels like home. I feel good to be around her and to have someone be good to you is one of the greatest benefits I have ever had with a female. I constantly seem to face that I am the one who brings things up and questions behaviour to the point where I want to give that up because I hate the distance it creates when I bring things up.


I just really like that I've found someone who I believe to be one who would not intentionally hurt me or knowingly commit the act of benefiting themselves at the expense of me. If that makes sense.



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