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I'm straight and my sexuality was questioned

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Hi, please excuse my intrusion on this board but I just wanted to ask a question. I'm a straight female in my early twenties. Recently I was at a small party with some friends where it was half gay and half straight people.


This lesbian girl at the party asked me if I'm straight. She knew i was friends with one of the straight hosts of the party so I thought it was rather odd for her to ask me that.


Was she trying to chat me up, or did she think she could turn me or something? I found it a little odd because my sexuality has never been questioned before

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First of all,no post is an intrusion so don't feel that way about posting


As for this friend, seems like maybe she was just asking a simple question. I don't really understand how you could get that she was trying to "turn" you just from a question of whether you are straight or lesbian. People get asked that every day and it wasn't even like she was questioning you about it she just simply asked which do you prefer guys or girls.

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Since you said the party was half gay, she was just asking to find out.


I went to a mostly gay party and some guy asked me "Are you a homsexual?" I just said no.


I agree. If I went to a half straight/half gay party I'd be curious to know which ones were straight/gay too. So I'm pretty sure she was just curious. There's no reason to take offense in it.

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