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I just feel like I cannot go on anymore. It seems like any contact that I have with a girl that I like always ends in heartbreak. I feel so lonely and things seem so hopeless now. Im tired of being heartbroken and alone, and it seems like when I try to get out of this pit of hurt in my heart, it just returns in force. I'm not depressed, I know that much, I just feel like Ill never find a woman who loves me, so why go on.

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I had to check your age because I thought you were 40! Until then, relax...you have plenty of time.


I've found that the easiest way to get into a relationship that doesn't end in heartbreak is to be friends first and take time to get to know people. Let a relationship develop out of a good friendship. Don't rush...

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...I just feel like Ill never find a woman who loves me, so why go on.


You will find a woman who loves you. And you'll want to prepare for that day by coming to understand that a woman is not the only reason in life to go on. The reason to go on is that you are valuable all by yourself and you have lots to contribute to the world. And the world needs what you have to offer. Once you discover your particular gift or value to the world and start looking forward to tomorrow for what you can contribute, you'll be in a great position to enjoy the woman as a gift and not the reason for living.


Consider it the opposite way: do you want to be the sole reason some woman finds for living? The first time you screw up, and we all do, she'll all of the sudden have no reason for living because you "let her down." Instead, I think you would prefer to enjoy the companionship of a woman who loves being around you rather than one who "needs" you.


Does that make sense?


Hang in there. Your day will come. I promise.

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