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Potty training 2 puupies


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K. So I have 2 puppies, one male and one female. I have been trying my hardest to train them, but it is REALLY hard to teach them the proper thing when i work so freakin' much during the week.


I went out and bought the lil training pads for them to use the bathroom on, and at first the male puppy was doing just that-using the bathroom on them. Then he abruptly stopped and started using the bathroom on the carpet. White carpet. His sister still does not understand that she is supposed to use the bathroom on the pads. And because they are getting bigger, they make uh bigger messes. When I feed them, usually like 10- 15 minutes later, they have to go to the bathroom, so I'll take them to the pad and sit them there. Sometimes I take them outside and let them go to the restroom, and then take them right back in the house. When I take them outside or even put them on the training pad, I will say the same phrase every time, "go potty". They still do not understand though. I'm starting to think it's me that's doing something wrong.


When I followed the same methods I am using now, my other chihuahua caught on rather quickly. I guess the same methods don't always work for every pet though.


My question is what should I change or do to potty train these two knuckle heads?

Treats? Praise?


Oh I forgot to mention that both of the puppies are Chihuahua, Maltese, Border Collie, and a Jack Russel mix. A lot of mixing, I know. LOL.

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How often do you take them out during the day? Dogs just aren't going to be housebroken by just sitting them on training pads and expecting them to go or telling them to "potty". It takes ALOT of work and time and you also need to keep it consistent and either have them go on the pad or outside, it can actually confuse them if you put them on the pad one time and outside the next.

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It is going to take awhile for them to "get it."


The only effective way I have ever found to potty train puppies is to crate train them. If you train them to go on paper, you are then going to have to train them to go outside, and also don't be surprised if your paper trained dog sees other paper or blankets around the houe and associates them too with being okay to go on.


Get a crate for each puppy, or crate them together. I sometimes recommend separate just so they can learn to be independent and won't have seperation anxiety if you ever have to separate them (i.e., one going to the vet, etc), but together or apart is your choice.


Anyway, when they eat, take them out shortly aftewards. If they go to the bathroom, putside, praise them immensely. Even overdo it. Then let them have some playtime in the house outside of the crate. When they get up from a nap, take them out until they do their business. Prause them again.


If they do NOT go, then instead of being out in the house, put them right back in the crate and then try again in 10 minutes or 20 minutes. If they go then, praise them.


Also, crate training alleviates other problems like keeping them safe when you are not home. (they will learn to "hold it" a little bit, and also won't get into anything). The more trustworthy they get, you don't have to watch them like a hawk, but it takes time, and you must be 100% consistent and do the same thing every time.


This absolutely works. If they 'go" and don't make it to the door, do not scold them if they are very young, take them immediately outside and praise them for finishing up outside. If the boy lifts his leg to mark, than that is worth being corrected. Also if they "ask" to go outside by sitting by the door, praise them as well. And when you take them utside, don't play with them untilafter they go.


Anyways, if they are not, I also recommend spaying and neuterng them, especially before the boy is mature. If neutered before then he may have less likelhihood to mark as well. It can be done as early as 8 weeks, but I would get it done for sure by 4 months.

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How often do you take them out during the day? Dogs just aren't going to be housebroken by just sitting them on training pads and expecting them to go or telling them to "potty". It takes ALOT of work and time and you also need to keep it consistent and either have them go on the pad or outside, it can actually confuse them if you put them on the pad one time and outside the next.



I take them 3-5 times a day to go outside. Most of the time I take them outside after I get off of work, which is around 11:30 pm everynight.


I did not know it could confuse them. So I'm guessing taking them outside is the best way to go then?

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You only need to be doing one thing at a time if you're going to do pad training AND outside training get them trained to the pads and then work on getting them fully housebroken. But personally I'd say just go with the outside training so you aren't having to pretty much train them twice and just leave the pads for accidents during the day while you aren't available and they are still learning. With young pups, much like children they need to be taken outside as often as possible, 3-5 times a day is how many times you'd take a full grown down out. Puppies need to be taken outside a lot more often than that.

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I have tried the crate training, but when they go to the bathroom, they end up laying in it. :sad:


I have noticed that the male dog will sometimes try to go to the bathroom on a blanket I for them to sleep on, and I had no idea why he was doing that. So you are probably right about the paper training confusing him.



The crate I have is rather large, but I want to train them separately. They always want to be together for everything. If one is inside the crate while the other is not, they both will howl and the one outside the crate will sit RIGHT beside the crate and fall asleep. At first I thought it was cute, but now I do not think that at all. They simply will not stop howling until they can see each other again.


So you're saying to keep them in the crate at all times until they learn they are to go outside correct? And if they go they go outside to let them play for a few minutes for good behavior?

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You could try crate training, that's how we trained all our dogs. Basically they sleep in an enclosed crate and are in the crate at all time when they cannot be supervised (try to minimize this time during the day- they need stimulation and exercise. Praise profusely when they do go outside, and watch them like a hawk inside when they are 'free'. If they start to squat inside immediately pick them up and take them outside.


Puppies have very small bladders and very little control over them until about 16 weeks, when they can be expected to hold it up about 6-7 hours. You should be taking them out every 2 hours during the day, and after any meals or snacks, right before bed and first thing in the morning. Not sure why you would have gotten puppies in the first place if you can't properly train them and are at work all day, leaving them alone? Is there anyone else home during the day with them?


Puppies give cues they need to void by sniffing around and walking in circles.

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The very first you need to do with your puppies is put them on a schedule. They eat at a certain time, 10 minutes later take them to the spot you want them to go in. As soon as they do make a big fuss and reward them. Take the water up a little bit before bed time.


The second thing you need to do is separate them. If you don't they'll depend on each other rather than you. This will cause you problems down the road should one be at the vets or whatever.


They should only be allowed in a very small area until they are properly trained such as the kitchen. Throw a leash on them so they stay with you and they will also be right next to you should they start to have an accident, start to chew on an object such as a chair leg, etc. When ever you can't supervise them put them in the crate..away from one another. I wouldn't even set the crates up in the same room. The crate should be big enough for the to stand, turn around and lay down. They don't need one bigger than that and if you get one that is too big for them they will pee in the back of it and lay in the front of it. Some dog also like the crates covered.. My youngest dog had a cover made for crates on his. On their schedule, you may schedule playtime together...However it is important that they bond to you more than one another so they need to spend 90 percent of the day with just you..However you will have to split that since you have two puppies. As they get older and learn the rules you can give them more freedoms. My dogs are now 5 & 6 years old, I have two Rottweilers. The first 18 months of their lives was with just me. They play wonderfully together but can also stand to separated. The Crate training was wonderful. My girl was potty trained by 3 months old, it took a little longer for my male.


Lastly I highly, highly recommend "before & after you get your puppy" by Dr. Ian Dunbar.

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I have a crate, and they are potty trained now for the most part. I know when they have to go to the bathroom now. I don't think I was paying attention to the signals they were giving me, but now I understand.


Just by following the crate advice and taking them out more often, they quickly learned that by barking and whining= bathroom outside.

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Get a spray bottle and spray them if they pee on the carpet. Then place them on a puppy pad and say go potty. Problem is everytime they have to pee it'll be in that same spot, on the puppy pads, so make sure it is in a spot that is not a high traffic area. They try to pee in familiar areas that they have peed before, so if they peed on the white carpet you may want to remove it or else they'll pee on it again.

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