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Im unhappy.. Suicidal.


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Yeah hi people, Im André, I'm a 14 years old guy, and my life's really just nohin else than a misery.


I've been wanting to take my own life for awhile now.. but I dont know what to do.. I've got so many problems that no one would understand if i told anyone.. or maybe they would but Im to scared to talk about it.. and I dont know why..


Theres so many thinks thats not my fault that makes me feel depressed, and i've really got nothing to look forward too.. I live in a poor family, I have like no friends, and those I've got aint no real ones.. maybe 1 or 2..


yeah I've got to go now rofl.. I'll come back writing tomorrow.. so dont ask any stupid questions, cuz i'll be saying them all tomorrow..


I just dont know what to do, cuz everything just seems to get worse.. * * * * ..


Yeah w/e, Cya.

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Someone here has been through what ur going through, has had the same problem, so share your problems if u want.


im sure someone here has been through it and can talk to you about it.


It does not matter if ur family is poor, u can still become rich, but not if u kill yourself...


I may be wrong here, but i dont think u need 1 friend to get through life. I know i dont really have friends and im still here.


Your only 14, the average person lives to 70, your life can change so much if u just give it time.

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret: being 14--it sucks. There is no worse age. Get through the next year or two and you'll find that I'm right.


Now, do you care to tell us what kind of problems you've been having? This site is endlessly helpful, there's always someone around to talk. Keep posting =)

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Bro. Pick yourself up and make do. You're just one little pin * * * * * on this earth, and the earth is just a pin * * * * * in our solar system, and our solar system is just a pin * * * * * in this universe.


There are many things you can focus on. Music, art, reading, girls (several if you so choose), movies, and God. Reflect on what you want to do with your life (musician, lawyer, doctor, missionary, whatever it may be) and how you can achieve those goals.


Never look back. Education should be your number one priority right now, because that is something no body can take away from you. That last sentence is very important. Education is not like money or women that can come and go depending on the economy and their mood, education is something that nobody ever can take away from you.


And that's golden. So think of this in a larger perspective. Theirs many good times ahead my friend. Get out there, be friendly, look for opportunities, study hard, play sports, pick up a guitar, pray everyday and you'll see better days.


I guarantee it.

Take it ez,


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Life is only as bad as you let it be. Trust me on this... if you focus on being happy, and do things that make you happy, and ACT happy and TRY to be happy - you'll be happy.


You may have a crappy life situation. You may have it especially rough, for all we know. Life is hard...it isn't meant to be easy and where we get in life is dependent on HOW we get over those hurdles.


The thing is, no one can do it for you. Stop focusing on what isn't there, or how bad it is, or what you can't change. DO SOMETHING. Figure out how to get away from these situations. Another posted said education - thats number one. If you work your butt off you will have the CHOICE to do whatever you want in life. No more excuses, no more crappy life because you CAN control some things: change.


So get up, off your butt, put a smile on your face - its easier to just be moody and depressed? well too bad. Suck it up. Only you can kick your butt into gear and make something of yourself.


"The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something." Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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