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Going from mind blowing sex failry often to NADA!

jerk chicken

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I broken up with my bf recently, and while its not the number 1 thing on my list i have been wondering if im going to go mad from having no sex.

i would never do anything casual such as a f buddy or one night stand even if i got really really hornybut my bf used 2 please me the best i have ever been pleasured.

now im not going to be having sex for a loooooooong time. do u get used to it? is it best to just keep busy?

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Good opportunity to learn your own body.


Don't rely on someone else to be the best or make you feel the best. Each lover will be different and unique. The only constant is you.


And why wont you be having sex for a loooooooong time? Does no interest in casual sex equal a long time before having it again?

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