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Been a couple years now

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I have posted in the past. I was a mess. I am a lot better now. I havnt talked to my ex in 6 months. Its better that way, and im happy.


I just found some news (of course someone had to tell me) that she started seeing someone. Its been 2 years since we broke up and this is her first b/f since. Im almost relieved she found someone, but i am also sad at the same time. She isnt the type of girl that will date any random guy she might like. So she must really like him. This tells me she has no feelings for me what so ever. And probably hasnt for a long long time. It sucks feeling different, and having a different outlook on our past relationship. But what is there to do? I cant change things. I have to accept these facts, even if they hurt. And the NC rule has been in play for a while now. But i should probably forget about the NC. Because there is no way she will EVER contact me. I will always love her, she may have never loved me. Im ashamed of that.


I guess i just wanted to spill out to you guys. Thanks for listening.

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nothing to be ashamed of curious11, just shows your human. It's the hardest thing in the world to let go of someone you love, but if they were the right one then they would still be with you (I speak from experience!).

Your bound to be upset at finding out she is seeing someone else, but the fact that your feeling better now than you were shows you've made some progress. Maybe once the pain from discovering this has gone, it will eventually help you move on.

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