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Backyard Wedding


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My fiancee and I are hoping to have an inexpensive backyard wedding next summer...any alternatives to DJ/dancing? What could guests "do" if they're not dancing?? There will be plenty for kids to do in the yard (trampoline/pool/big yard) so I guess adults will be mingling unless we get some fun ideas....

Thanks for your suggestions and Happy New Year!!

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You could make it a pool party! Make sure you specify that on the invitations so people will bring swimsuits. You could also set up some outdoor games. Frisbee, backgammon (I think thats a game?), etc. Again, just make sure people know ahead of time because most people wouldn't want to get their dressy clothes sweaty.

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Brun some CDs with favorite songs or apropriate music and have it piped out the window. Also, what about hiring a harist during the ceremony?? Or do you have any friends who play instruments well or play in bands? Does Aunt Matilda win piano competitions all the time and could wheel a keyboard into the yard?


I was at a wedding where they played mood music out the kitchen window but there were breaks when a very talented cousin played a cello solo, and the neighbor's grown son and 2 friends who were in a band played for about an hour.

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