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Wierd and ironic, i just got word that Im moving, and its right next to my exs house!

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So I just got wind that I am moving, the thing is that I am moving next to my ex. We live in townhouses, and my family needs a basement since my older brother is back in town from cali and has been sleeping on the floor. The latest opening was this townhouse, but it turns out that it is right next to her house. We arent on good terms still, and we went out for 3 years. Ive been doing the NC thing and its great I am over her now finally and have been for a little while now. She changed into a weird person to which made it easier for me to move on.


Anyway I am cool with her older sister, and the rest of her family, its just me and her that arent on good terms. My family really needs the extra room so I just told my dad that it was no big deal. i want whats best for my whole family. How should I deal with this whole mess? I have a feeling its goin to be pretty weird moving in next to her.

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Have you asked the people you are renting from if there are any other available units similar to the one they are giving you? I'm sure if they have another one they will give it to you if you explain why this particular townhouse poses a problem.


If this leasing place doesn't have another townhouse with a basement, I would look into every other place nearby & see if you can find a different place.


If this one next to your ex is still the only place that fits your needs, then move into it. It might be a good idea to send your ex a message with the heads up that you were placed in a home right next to hers because it is the only one that has what you need.

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Well, if there's no other options than you do what you have to do. I'd still let her know ahead of time so there's no big shock. I don't know about where you live, but I don't even see my neighbors enough to recognize them if I saw them on the street much less know their names. Maybe you won't see her that often anyway. Or you'll both just get used to it.

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