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I have never actually posted on this part of the forum but I've been kind of browsing and I need somewhere to vent...at 1:30 am.


Things could be much much worse but I recently found out I have an overactive thyroid. I also have a severe thyroid infection so my doctor is waiting for the infection to go away to determine what my options are as far as the hyperthyroidism goes. So basically he told me I have to "tough it out" for the next 6 months to a year. I'm going in for blood tests every month to make sure my condition isn't worsening.


I'm just sick and tired of it. My hormones are very imbalanced right now and I feel like I am loosing complete control of my life. I dropped 25 pounds (I gained 5 back after eating like a complete pig over the holidays), I'm always hungry (I wake up at 3am with intense hunger), I'm extremely agitated all the time, I'm snapping at the people I love most and I feel like I can't control it, I haven't had a menstrual period for 7 months, I'm get extremely tired out of the blue to the point where I pass out for a few minutes (even when I'm at work), I tremble a lot, I'm cold all the time, sometimes I can't sleep (like tonight), and my stomach is ALWAYS upset. I know that these things might not seem like such a huge deal but I just needed a place to vent. My family is not really taking any of it seriously so I just don't talk about it. I'm the kind of person that likes to keep control over my own life....but now my body and my mind seem to be taking control of me....and I hate it.........it's affecting every aspect of my life...it's funny what one little gland can do....


Anyway, thanks for your support, I just needed a place to vent.....:sad:

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i've had the same exact thing you are describing and i'm also on thyroid medication. did you test result ever come back? did you go back to talk to your doctor? has your condition worsened? i dont know how it works for you but once i started describing the sympthoms to my doctor he placed me on medidcation I started as a lower dosage because I wasn't doing with the lower dosage he bumped up to a higher dosage. Thyroid medication always stays with you. But it runs in my family. Has your doctor put you on any medication at all?

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