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Best friend used to date her


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Went to a big house party on new years and met an awesome girl. She's gorgeous, smart, and is an amazing dancer. We spent all of new years eve on the dance floor grooving together. Later we cuddled outside, I got her number and we just talked about whatever till about 3 a.m.


problem is I found out one of my closest friends dated her a year ago. They weren't intimate and I don't think either one of them were that into one another he's not her type, she likes dancing, hip-hop, and sports and he's pretty ignorant on all three subjects. Their thing was brief and it ended on okay terms from what I know, they basically just weren't right for each other and parted ways according to my friend. My friend is a player and he rarely ever brought her up as he was seeing multiple women while seeing her and I never even saw them together.


My friend gave me his blessing he says he doesn't care, as he is now in a rock solid realtionship with the woman of his dreams. Also I don't know how she will feel when she finds out me and the guy she used to sorta date are real good buds if she already hasn't. Part of me feels like pursuing her is taboo but she's so my type rediculous and I can't stop thinking about her. Kinda lost and it sucks because it's been a long time since a met a chick this cool and she seemed super into me

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I think you have your panties in a twist for no reason. Hahaha.



But seriously, just let things happen. You seem to really dig her, and your friend gave you the green flag. So go for it, if something comes up about it later... deal with it then. Life is far too short to worry all the time!

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It's good you are thinking this way, as dating women friends used to date presents lots of obvious problems. As others have said, you are in the clear here, though, so proceed. After you have mentioned the relationship to her, never bring his name up again or quiz her on their relationship. Resist the urge to make him a topic of conversation because it is a commonality you both share. Not that you would do this, just saying.

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