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Taking a break from the "One"


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Just a question I was wondering what other people thought about.


My best friend has a friend (and I also know other people) who has been with a person for a long time and knows/thinks that they are the one they want to marry, but they want to still have a break from them and date around/have their fun since they are going to be with that person forever anyway.


Also my best friend said to me today while my navy boyfriend is gone for this whole next year (and we live accross the states from each other) that I should be aloud to date other people while he is away, because its not like hes gonna know anyway. But I love him and know that he is the one I want to marry, so why would I waste my time with other people when I already have my one.


Don't you think that if you truly love someone then there is no need to date other people?

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Your friends are messed up. They found the person they will love forever... and they want to date/sleep with other people?


If you are happy with your relationship, don't get sucked into their poor life decisions. I'm sure your boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it and it's called TRUST. Just because he wouldn't know doesn't mean you should do it.

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I am not really sure how to answer this one the way you have asked it. So I'll answer it in my own way


1) If you are happy with not dating anyone else, and your guy being away for a year while you stay at home and be faithful to him won't cause any problems for you, then you probably don't need to date while he's gone. But keep in mind that he may be tempted while he is gone and it is going to be VERY difficult for him not to succumb to those temptations while he is so far away from you, and you are not able to "be with him". I think it is harder for guys to carry on a LD relationship than it is for girls, but maybe that's just because I am a guy. One thing i think is for certain though, and that is that guys can separate sex from love very easily. In other words, sex can be just sex to us, and we can be nonetheless completely in love with someone else. So, he may "cheat" on you while he's gone and feel so horrible about it when he gets back that it may ruin your relationship. Whereas, if you had just gone casual while he was gone, no harm no foul and perhaps you would have picked up right where you left off when he got back.


2) This brings me to my second point. I think it is ABSOLUTELY possible to date other people but still be in love with the "one" In fact, I think that this is the definition of true love. I think as you grow in life, you start to realize that love is so much bigger than you once thought. And, in fact, it is possible that you could love someone so much that you want the best for them, and that could even mean that you want them to date around so that they can eventually realize that they have seen the rest, and now they are completely content with settling down with the BEST. The last thing you want is for you or for him to get to a point later in life when you want to see what it's like out there, if you know what I mean.


I know I am probably gonna get a lot of heat for this post from the ladies out there, but I think if you really consider it, it makes a lot of sense. Do you really love the other person? If you do, you want what's best for them, and you want them to be happy. And, most importantly, you want them to be exclusive to you one day because they know like they know like they KNOW that you are the only one that completely satisfies them.


"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, you know it's yours."

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well he has let me go before to another guy for three years! and I came back so he should know I am his and I want to be his. I don't want to date other people, I am ready to be with the one and waiting for him for this one year compared to him waiting for me for three will really prove to him how much I love him.

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