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Showing Neediness in a relationship.

simply complicated

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You've all made very good points, especially in distinguishing the differences between needines and dependency. I find it amazing how people who are strong and smart can do these things and not realize it, or for those who know their doing something wrong, but can't understand why. I'm definitely one of them, i'm not a weak person, but I do make mistakes, and having heard all of your opinions and insights on this matter, has been really helpful, and quite relieving, becuase it's hard to solve a problem if your not really aware of it, sometimes when you hear the solution, you realize you have a problem.

Having heard all these ideas and opinions have immediately changed my lil needy ways, it's so motivating, and I know it will make a difference in my relationship. but this isn't just for me, I hope anyone whos done the same thing reads this thread, it's very helpful.

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