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Breaking up and getting back together over and over


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I have a quick question? Do any of you think it is possible for a couple to break up and get back together multiple times. My bf has broken up with me twice and came back twice, now this last time we got into an argument and havent talked in a month, so im looking at this as our third breakup. I know most would say if a couple keeps on breaking up its not meant to be. But I guess you can say im a hopeless romantic and I dont believe that. Anyways so I am wondering if my ex is going to come back this third time. Could it be that since he has come back before saying he made a mistake that he will do it again? And FYI: both times he broke up with me he came back saying it was a mistake all on his own. Do any of you know people who have broken up and gotten back together more than 2 or 3 times? Or do you think since we have broken up 3 times he will give up? Or does true love not give up? Any advice or examples of people you know who have been through this? And I dont want people to ask me why I still want to be with him, ive heard it a lot and even though I know it is helpful I just want my question answered. Thanks so much

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I broke up and got back together with my ex 3 times before realizing it just wouldn't work. It was the same cycle where we'd reconcile, act like things were different, and then the same issues would rear their ugly heads again. Sometimes people just aren't meant to be together and they need to realize it and move on.

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I actually think that when you break up and come back repeatedly - that somewhat means that you ARE meant to be! It takes a lot - especially for a guy - to come back and admit to a mistake. When you are apart and realize that it's tougher without that person and knowing all the reasons you keep breaking up you still think it's worth giving it a try - then there must be something to it!


In your case however - it looks like it's always his decision so maybe he is just not that into you and comes back when he's bored and nobody else comes along or maybe he has his personal issues. Figure that out and don't take him back immediately when he comes back - don't let yourself be his doormat.

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I think it's like this. Do you like a hot smoldering fire that lasts for a short time with sparks and an unbelievable heat and passion that you have never felt before in your life? It does not come often maybe once or twice in a lifetime. But, it does not last long........and you have to give it time and it will fire and shine once again.....in time.


Or, do you like that small little fire that keeps going for the long haul, but its not so warm and passionate.....and the affection for the fire isn't really what you desire..............


I will take the hot smoldering fire...................


But, to each his or her own..........................

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Thankyou for all your responses, does anyone else know of people in similar situations?



Yeah, a friend of mine. shes 21


She has been on and off, on and off with this guy for like 2.5 years. Ive lost count the amount of times, they have split, then got back with eachother.



Personally i cant stand the guy, but he keeps worming his way back into her effections everytime.


I think when they first got together, everything was fine and they loved eachother. But he would cheat on her, she would find out.....then they would argue. Then they would split up. Then start texting and calling eachother. Then they would get back together. He's quite abusive, and i know for a fact that he has hit her a few times during arguments. I seen her with a black eye. Ive told her in the past that he's not worth it, and you should never put up with a guy who raises his fist. Then they get back together again


Its like a viscious cycle.

Its like they cant live with or without eachother.



I know they are not together anymore, because i have recently spoken to her and she says shes single again.


But i suppose its only a matter of time before they do get back together again.

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