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Almost two weeks, work girl asks me out


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It has almost been two weeks since I broke up with my ex now, and one of the girls I work with found out and has started asking me out. It is bad because I work with her a bit and I think she's always taken an interest. I'm not the strongest person at resisting a woman in some ways, she is very kind and attractive and all, and I've kinda always liked her as well even before I met my ex. On one hand I would really love to go out with her, but on the other it may not be for the right reasons, and may just be a rebound and she doesn't deserve that. She is respectful and will stop and all, but I work with her frequently, and now it is out there on the table I can't just forget that she asked. Then there is also that we work together and that is normally frowned upon dating someone you work with. Of course if I start looking for a better job then that wouldn't be a problem. What should I do?

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