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Even after a clean break up 7 months ago

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Hello ENAs happy new year.

First post of the year.


I am a drama free type of guy and don't set myself up for trouble when I deal with my ex. She broke up with me June of last year and has been a good sport about not contacting me ever and I never contacted her since. Except for the fact that she moved on faster than me or whether she broke up with me for another guy or she broke up with me first and got the guy i don't care anymore.


But it seems that the silent treatment sometimes kills me. I know there is nothing to gain from talking to her but sometimes I am missing her and I am wondering she misses me too.


my 2nd GF, did the same thing and I went NC from the start and 1 year later she confessed that she couldnt' find someone like me and cried in my shoulders and seemed that she was looking for some sympathy sex but i just hugged her speachless and let her go.


My current ex told me in our last email that she still thinks about the good memories and that I shouldn't be the one who erases all those memories i was dumbfounded. She is really insecure and i've seen her when she gets drunk and she cries how she mistreats nice guys like me. Will I be included in her hall of exs when she gets drunk?

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