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A Crazy Notion


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Hehehe, decided to write a poem so I could get my thoughts down on paper..




Is this a poem of love resurgent?

Is this a lament of love lost?

Is this an ode to wondrous love?

Is this a funeral dirge of the heart?


Out of loneliness

Out of heartbreak

Out of despair

I have found love again.

But it may be a forbidden love.


For I strayed from this love once.

To chase after a love

That was not meant to be

Trying to surpress the true feelings

That were inside of me


I realized this, that I truly love you.

But will love blossom between us?

Or was my ephiphany too late?

Or is this just another Crazy Notion,

of a lovestruck guy.


I would give anything

To trade in this pain for love

And if I had one wish

It would be for you to know

How much I care about you.


So I stand at your door.

Hat in my hands.

Telling you the feelings in my heart.

And telling you,

I'm sorry.....and ...I love you.

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