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Congrats on your new ... =|


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What is the appropriate manner to react when you know that your friend's gf has a new reconstructed facial body part? (thereforee very visible)

Do you act like it's a hair cut and congratulate the person?

Do you just ignore it?


Any suggestions?

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She told my boyfriend she was getting something done but I wasn't there. I don't know why I feel I need to dodge the bullet on what it is?

So yes I do know she is, but now I don't know how to react after her procedure!!! It's not yet done, I just want to avoid any odd moment.


I wasn't sure if it fell into a category like make-up. You know people wear it, but they don't like it being pointed out even though they are aware you know it's there. Unless you're obviously going for a colorful fun look, some people prefer not to be told anything about it.

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Yeah, she might. Though she might assume I know too since we live together.

She's getting flown out of the country for the procedure (and not because it's done on the cheap, trust me!) I guess what disturbs me most is that it was an xmas present from her mom (rich / renowned) =| maybe I shouldn't say so much

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I'm scared that I'll stare haha (hey, at least I'm honest). I'm not sure how to react when I first see her, if I should just congratulate her on her new nose like if it was a new hair cut. And it seems most people would not want their plastic surgery to be pointed out, though told they looked good by the sound of this thread.


Ok fine.. I let it slip, it's a nose lol.

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