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Need some advice...kinda long sorry


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Hello everyone, new to the site, and joined because I have a problem in my relationship.


My girlfriend and I have been together for over two years, and we both love each other a lot. I truly feel this is the woman I want to marry, and we have been talking about out wedding for a long time.


I am totally committed to her, and love her with all of my heart. However there is a few issues I have been thinking about lately. When we starting dating I was a true virgin, never even kissed anyone, and she was not. She had been with 11 people in the two and a half years before we started dating. Some were relationships, some were not.


This has always hurt me a bit, but recently it has gotten a little worse. I really love her, and know that who she is now is not who she was then...but still it hurts me.


I am nothing but a gentleman about all of this with her, and we have talked about it a few times. However it still hurts me, and I am wondering if anyone else has any advice on how I can help myself get over these stupid feelings about her past.


Thank you

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