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I feel left out.


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Every day when I am bored I ask my brothers if they want to hangout with me and they always say no.I get all mad because I don't get to spend time with them..The thing about it is that if one brothers here and not the other he will hangout with me, but if they're both here they won't.I feel like I just get left out.[-(.

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Hmm.. the best bet would prolly be to try to find something better to do. If they aren't interested constantly asking them to hang out won't help usually. It sucks that they don't want to spend time with you when you want to spend time with them, but, try to find something else to do so you're not just getting down.



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i feel ya on that one Ktliddle. i have 4 brothers - 2 older, 2 younger, and a sister who is 10 years older than me. i'm close with my youngest brother so when he is free we talk or do things together. but when my other younger brother is around - he'll ignore me. grr! i feel like the loner in my family.


how old are your brothers?

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Hang out with either brother alone be as nice as you can. Then when the two are together, do anything but hang out with them. Especially good if you can find another friend to hang out with.


When you change the way things always are, they'll notice after a while and become more interested in why things changed. If they don't, then it'll be a good thing you found other things to do.


In your corner.

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