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Ignorance and Stupidity


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Growing up my mother and father always told me ' Never be angry towards an ignorant person for ignorance is a born trait, but beware of stupidity and be angry towards stupidity for stupidity is an earned trait, no one is born stupid '


Now I was tryin to get back together with an ex-gf of mine whom I was actually getting along with and everything was going great until she decided to start these racist remarks towards black people. OK. I believe people are entilted to their opinion about a person...fine, but A MASS OF PEOPLE?! A GROUP?! Can it really be that serious to be predjudiced towards people you don't even know because of their skin tone and what you think they done, and to base your opinion on their personality and who they are as an indiviual. So I called her Ignorant because thats exactally what it was an Ignorant thing to say about people you don't even know. Now stupidity kicks in she assumes that all black people are the reason why our government and economy is the way it is......I said now you're being Ignorant and stupid. She gets pissed off starts yelling at me about how I degraded her. Now I don't think I degraded anyone, she just sounded like a Ignorant/Stupid person. So was I wrong in the way I went in telling her she was wrong the way she was thinking?!




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Great for you to show such strenght...it tells you something about the extend of loving capacity one can have for another person. Your ex showed that she was very limited in her views and beliefs. That will always bite you some where sooner or later if you dont share those beliefs.


Your heart is precious and deserves to be loved by someone who can see the beauty in others (people of color, sexual orientation or religion)..even if you decide not to actually date them


Let her go my precious...not worthy of your time..


You are a strong young man

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I don't think she's stupid. She just has a different perspective on things. We group things all the time. They're called stereotypes. Everyone has them. She simply grouped a set of humans by their skin color. I don't agree with her, but it's not stupid. It's just her opinion, her way of living her life, and probably part of her culture and the way she was raised.


As for ignorance, we are all ignorant.

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My ex was the same way...I grew weary of this attitude towards other races. It's both ignorant and stupid to have such limited thinking such as hers. It's not black people's fault the government is the way it is...that is such BS.


Guess she had better get used to having Obama for president if you live here in the states.


Furthermore, people should be judged only how they treat you..I always give everyone a clean slate and reach out my hand in friendship until they do something to try and hurt me.

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Racism is very ignorant and exists because of ignorance. Once you're educated enough to know more than the stereotypes, you can't help but NOT judge masses of people under one label. How could an entire race of human beings fit the same label?? That's exactly what the word "ignorant" describes.

While she may not be stupid, she has a double standard where you cannot 'degrade' her but she can degrade an entire race. People who are racist will always feel that they are better than the people belonging to that race (or sexual orientation or whatever it's directed at). I personally cannot stand the narrow-mindedness and superiority complex that comes with thinking another race is less than yours. But, that's something you have to decide if you can tolerate for yourself.

As for calling her ignorant...if she were a tolerant person (which I'm assuming she's not), she would have opened her mind to the possibility that she's wrong...just like you did by asking the question "Should I not have called her ignorant?"...you are being self-reflective and considering other people's feelings.

People who can lump and entire race into a "less than" category of our human race are typically NOT tolerant, NOT open-minded and NOT willing to listen to or consider other people's opinions or consider that they may be wrong.

But, again, it's up to you to decide if it's something you can stand in a girlfriend.

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Ignorance is a lack of knowledge on a subject. Stupidity can be a choice to be ignorant (depending on who you talk to). I find I have more problems with stupid people, for ignorant people will often try and learn once aware of their missing info.

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