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Being cheated on


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Hello everyone,


This is my first post here, I had been together with my girlfriend for 2 years yet in about the last 3 months it has been alot of fighting and we have been uninterested in each other basically in the last month.


I had then found out that she had messaged people off the net and tried to meet guys off the net and sent pictures of herself to guys and with undies on etc.


So I broke up with her. Not really that hurt, I knew we would most likely end anyway yet it was just the deception that peevedm me off.. Yet she wants to be friends.. Im not sure if I should becuase her actions were just very * * * * ty and pathetic.


What do you guys think about it all ?


Should I stay friends with her or break it off.


Im just really confused not sure what to do.

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I wouldn't stay friends with someone who treated me like this. Maybe sometime down the line when the wounds have healed and both people have fully moved on...and even then I can't see a close friendship emerging. Anyway the short answer I guess is: no.

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They often want to stay friends so they don't have to cope with guilt if they have any. It is like "look at me I am still friends with my ex so I must be a good person" kind of thing.

To help you make your choice I will ask you this: Do you normally keep friends around that lie and betray you?




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Mmm yous are all right,


You ask why i want to stay friends with her. I asked her the same thing, she told me.


Because we are good together and get along etc.


The main reason why im not so gutted is becuase we were slowly kind of drifting apart but i guess its still the principle mmm..


She has been calling me all day 2day crying she doesnt want to loose me


I think everyone is mainly right about sending her on the highway.


Its just really annoying because i found out new years eve day .. and i was stuck with her while we went out... lol and there was this really pretty girl . and i hooked up with her... i turned around and found my x. on the ground crying.



whats your ideas on whos the bad guy ? did i do something wrong ? or did she deserve wat she got?

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You hooked up with her after your dumped your ex I assume?

If so, then I think it's up to her to own it up. You will obviously both be emotional and irrational as there will be residual feelings. Most likely not of love but of familiarity, jealousy, dettachement etc... which is pretty normal.


I suggest you both part ways and cut contacts with her. If you can't deal with that, tell yourself that it's just for NOW, and you will re-establish in X time (ex: 3,6,9 months) if you do want to speak with her again.

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