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Happy New Year ENA!


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This goes out to all the friends I've made on ENA, to the people that I might otherwise be friends with if I had met you, to all the people that are feeling weak and lost inside and don't know where to turn, and to anyone else who happens to read this.


Thanks for being a part of my life.


***Important note: It is the year of the rat, and it ends on January 25th of 2009.

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Awww, that's so darling! Thank you, Jetts!


Oh wait. Am I being presumptuous?


But, I think I fit at least two of those categories up there! (at very least, I'm feeling weak and lost inside and don't know where to turn...)


Really dig the pooch. I'd say that hit the spot. Literally.


And I loved all the hugging. This is so very warm and fuzzy of you.


And won't you be a year older this month?


Happy New Year, I hope this is a phenomenally big time for you in any way your heart desires.


(And I hope this thread doesn't just disappear so soon like the other stickied one, it's not even the end of New Years' Day yet here! Whew.)

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