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what should i think of this and what do i do??!?!


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i was with this guy..no relationship though..for about 2 months.

we were both on the same page..had conversations about where things were going. he said eh really liked me and just wanted to take things slow and see how htings worked out. about 2 weeks ago we talked again andhe said he erally liked me and just does not want a relationship and hates rushing things. the guy has never had a girlfriend before..and is a virgin(as i am, which he knows). he doesnt know how to handle situations with himself and a girl very well and would often get nervous and ignore me or not want to talk too much.


the other day we were talking about things and out of no where he said i know i wanted to try things out and thats wat i said but htings just arent working for me. this whole convo was in text. he kept saying over and over..."i wouldnt wanna do anyhting to hurt you, im sorry it came down to this"....or..."i still wanna be friend s iwth you and everything i just dont wanna hurt you and everything..id ont know its me, i dont know i just dont want to hurt you"....or..."im sorry if youre made but this is the last thing i want to do..i dont want to hurt you." SAME THINGS OVER AND OVERRRRR. basically i answered with one word answer like yea...alright...okay..becase i aws SOO upset.


i have been tlking to some of my guy friends who are very close with him and they all agree that he made a mistake and is just scared and they cant believe we are "over" as they say. they say he is going to realize his mistake, because everyone loved us together. his friend told me he just doenst kno how to handle to situation or thought of girlfriend, and he thinks the guy likes me just didnt know how to handle it.


soo i have not talked tohim AT allll since that conversation where he told me all of that stuff. until NEW YEARS EVE. i know he was intoxicated...so im not sure if that matters..but i do know him very well and when he drinks..which is rare...he knows what he is doing and whats going on.


1:00 am on new years morning i get a text... "haaaapppyyy newwwyearrrrrrrr" so i reply... "happy new year" and that was it. no reply. nothing.


i dont know what to do, how to act towards him when i go back to school, if is hould keep trying to make him relize or let him know i do still like him...make him get his mistake...tell him im fine? WHAT DO IDO I NEED MAJOR HELP?!?! please someeeonee

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I would treat him in a polite way and assume that if he changes his mind and wants to date you with potential for a relationship he will let you know. I would not talk about him to his friends because that will get back to him and is gossipy - do what you can to move on because he is not available for a relationship with you. And if possible next time I would avoid having that kind of conversation over text - either in person or on the phone, ok?


I hope you feel better.

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youre so right..i completely understand...it should be in person. so i should just continue and act like im okay? or make him think that? and then maybe if he "ends up liking me again" then be okay? i dont know? =( my feelings wont change

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