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Quick advice, plz help.


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Hey all,


I just started talking to this girl i saw yesterday @ an New Years Event.


She kept on looking @ me everytime i looked at her, then she would look away. I am pretty sure she is interested. (We are both high school seniors though different schools).


So i thought i had seen her somewhere else before, come home go on my social networking site and find that she is one of my friends there (in the friends list).


I message her saying wats up, and she writes back u know saying "um not much u?"


Now my question...


How would i go about getting a #/ date out of this? U know how to talk to her online so she gets more interested and wants to go out. I haven't talk to her in person ever.


How to play it safe so she doesn't think i m a stalker or some idiot u know.


plz help give some suggestions.


HAPPY NEW YEARS by they folks!

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Hey bro,


The key thing to do is strike up a casual conversation with her online and then start flirting. You know, like really light sexual inuendos at first, and/or be funny. Humor is absolutely the best way to get a girl interested. But, it sounds like she is already interested. If she was looking at you at the party and making eye contact, then you have her. All you have to do is be funny with her and flirt a little bit online a few times and then, casually invite her to go do something. But make sure it is casual, and makes sense within the conversation. Like if you are talking about a time when you went paintballing, and she says something like she would love to go paintballing, tell her you are going on friday (or whatever) and you would love to peg her in the ass with a paintball. Then, plan a paintball trip with some bros and chicks.


Hopefully you get the jist. Just keep the conversation light, funny and flirty and you've got her!

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