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Plz Tell me ive Done the Right Thing???


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Ok guys... I split with my ex after 4 years of being together... We got back 6-7 Months later for 3 weeks. It wasnt working for me, 4 days later he was dating my best friend (we were best mates for 10 years!!! more like sisters!) i didnt find out till 2-3 weeks later. There continued to see eachother for 3 months, in this time i saw him everyday, we even got back together several times... There was loads of lies from him saying he wasnt seeing her anymore, he changed his number told me she didnt know it, only she rang him while i was there!. He left her some flowers on her doorstop, I found the reciept stating flowers on it he told me i didnt know what i was going on about and that it must be a mistake on the reciept... He eventually opened upto me on that 1 and told me the truth. She had no idea that he was around me loads, and she wanted him to stay away from me (although im the mother of his 2 sons!!!). I eventually txted her and told her everything!!! she never believed me and he told her lies saying i was lying e.t.c... More lies to follow... He said he hadnt contacted her from that day, although 2 weeks later i find out he had rang her from his mams mobile!!! From november of last year now till about 2 weeks ago, he still had her number in his phone and still had her on facebook msn e.t.c.


We got back in december to try and work things out, But how on earth can you forget that the person who you love have spent nearly 5 years with and have 2 kids together, could do something like that!!! I cant forgive and forget!!!!! Ive also found out that he has cheated on me twice when we were together!, that he fancied and wanted things to go further with a work colleague... Also when me and him had been dating for 5 months he was still wanting to get back with his ex!!!


I've had the excuse of well he wasnt doing anything wrong me and him werent together when he was dating my best mate!!! Also i shouldnt of left him, then he wouldnt of went with her... Oh and im nasty just as him, reason for me being nasty because i broke up with him and tried to move on! He takes no responsibilty for any of his actions, he tries his hardest to scrape something up on me to justify his actions, but he cant!


He wanted to remain friends with me, but i think im over the shock of it all now and its started to sink in... Everytime im around him, its a constant reminder, My heart feels like someone is squeezing the life out of it... Ive told him i dont want to be around him anymore and told him to Stay away and leave me be... Im gutted as we get on great! He wants me to forget it and be all happy e.t.c and ive tried and better tried and i cant!!!


Im starting to question myself if ive done the right thing??? I need to hear what you guys think Plz


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I think you need to stay away from him except for whatever is necessary because of your children. I hope he is at least a good father to your children. Make sure you get child support for them...but as far as a romantic partner, forget it. He is a liar, a cheater and takes no responsibility for his actions...blaming others, covering things up etc. He can't be trusted.

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The squeezing in your chest is extreme stress. Why allow yourself to feel like this...my friend you done the right thing don't even question yourself.


It may be hard now, but the more you think about how he has lied, cheated, and is carrying on with you friend then you will say to yourself how much better you deserve. Rise up, have courage, and never allow someone to dishonor you and then lie to your face...that is just low class.


As far as your friend is concerned you think that he is going to be a better bf to her?? I highly doubt it.....goodness if he is going to do this to the mother of his sons then he will do it to any other woman in the future. In most cultures and throughout history for a man to be lucky enough to have one son was an honor and you gave him two...you should be held in high regard as far as he is concerned...He is just selfish and nothing good is going to come of his rotten behavior.


Be the best parent you can be...focus all your energy, love, and devotion to your children...thinking about him or worrying about his lies are only using up your good time here on earth.


Never take him back!

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