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Don't look! It's lose/lose!

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Hello to all the wonderful ENA people out there.


I've been gone for over half a year. Someday I may post about my reconciliation with the ex from that time... and then the second break-up.


Now I'm here pining over the loss of a new love. I'll probably post more about that eventually, too.


Right now, I'm just thinking about looking at Facebook/Myspace just to check up on them, and I'm writing this mainly to remind myself why NOT to do it!!!


It doesn't matter what I see at all, it's going to disturb me. Either she's in a new relationship, which will shatter me, or she is not, which makes me wonder why I'm not good enough for her to decide to give a second chance to.


I've had suspicions that she is seeing someone else, but no confirmation. I keep hoping to see some sign that it's not true, or that if it was, it's now over. But nothing, NOTHING, is going to make me feel better (unless it said "God I wish I could be back with ____" which I know it wouldn't, and even then I'd wonder why it was posted online and she wouldn't talk to me about it). Anything I see will just eat at me.


Okay, well I don't know if this post will help anyone else, but it SURE helped me to vent!


I'd like to say it's good to be back, but we all know that's far from the truth... However, I do appreciate everybody here!

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Yeah its not a good idea to check myspace/facebooks of an ex until your sure your over them. Whenever you can honestly say that no matter what you just want them to live their life and be happy, thats when its safe to check, it may even bring a smile to your face just to see them at least "appear" to be happy.

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I blocked him on facebook after unfriended him. I couldn't see him on my list; it hurt way too much. I also unfriended his family and his friends (we didn't have any mutual friends). Extreme? Perhaps. But it was the only way I could go NC. Looking gave me anxiety.


Someday if we can be friends (doubting that), I can always re-friend him. But not, I exist for me and don't need to see him.


Don't do it. Run away or unfriend. Until you can handle seeing it, it just isn't worth it. Networking sites make break-ups suck even more.

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