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Can you help me with this?


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Those of you who read other threads of mine probably know that I don't think I will ever have a gf or have sex.

But the problem is that I think at sex and I do feel sorry that I will never know how is to love and to be loved by someone(not just the sex).

I am wondering if there are any ways to stop thinking about this.Like some drugs or something.I know that probably this is something that I have to find,but I don't loose anything if I ask,right?

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You can probably control the desires and urges with drugs, but I don't see a satisfactory way to eliminate them.


With any type of desire or urge that is deemed positive, I find the best solution is to go ahead and experience it.


I definitely feel that is true with sex and love. They are both tied too intricately to many other 'good' emotions and life experiences.

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Condemning yourself to a future you don't want isn't exactly the way to go about attaining what you DO want.


Take some comfort in the fact that at 17 most people are terrified--of love, of sex, of future school and jobs, of friends, of expectations--you name it. If you've been able to ID that you're terrified of love and sex, you're ahead of most teenagers who only know their fears to be some huge overarching monster. You don't need a drug, maybe you're actually smart enough to work some good therapy?


In your corner.

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