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Right ill make a long story short ............


I met this girl in 2003 at work we got on became * * * * buddies and then of course ended up in a serious relationship, we didnt have the best understanding of each other and did argue a lot and it would seem we based our relationship on sex more than anything.


Throughout the 4 years we were together there was always her ex that she was in contact with and she did meet him secretly behind my back 3 times that i knew of, we ended up breaking up after she lost our baby, i lost my job and then contact fully ceased between us both for about 3 months.


This gave us time to heal and miss each other, so we ended up getting back together, little did i know though that in the three months she had actually moved in with her ex, they way i found out was i was washing her car on my drive and he drove past and confronted ME!! so anyway bein the idiot i am i hung on with the hope that she was going to move in with me and we were going to try again, she said she never had sex with him not once, she sware it blind, even swares on her neices lives, am i being a fool to believe this??


i might add that we are no longer together but that is for another post



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I absolutely cannot imagine that if she moved in with him she didn't have sex.


And sex with him is the least of your problems because she moved in with her ex immediately, and lied and covered that up.


So at a minimum you know she lies, so why not lie about the sex too?


It's probably a very good thing you are not together, because she doesn't sound trustworthy and sounds like she was never over her ex.

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Honestly, yeah you're a fool if you think they didn't have sex. There's no reason to trust a girl like that, might as well move on and find someone with some scruples. There are a lot of people out there who just don't understand honesty. I've noticed this. Life is so much easier with honest, straightforward people.

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My heart goes out to you. Whether she's lying or not is missing the point. In your deepest, most private gut check you really don't trust this woman. That should tell you all you need to know about finding any future happiness in this relationship.


You can pretzel and deny and try to trick yourself in order to get what you want, but your true sense will always bubble to the surface and come out sideways and keep you looking over your shoulder and prompt you to seek scraps of proof and give you meaningless things to argue about. That's hell on hearth.


The one person on this planet you can't really deceive is your Self.


In your corner.

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I know your right she is just a very good actor oh well! What a * * * * * !! i hope kalma exsists! all i can do is learn from it, does she have to be so hot though!! her bf is fat and ugly anyway!! lol



my god buddy, i am RIGHT there with ya on the does she have to be so hot part.. still with mine because of that and the sex.. AMAZING stuff..


hard to part, i feel your pain

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