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pimple face once again

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I'm 19 and i haven't had pimples for a year now. A few years ago, i went through this time when i had really bad acne problems (heaps of pimples on forehead, cheeks, chin and VERY oily skin) and it lasted for 4ish years.


During 2008, I've had almost flawless skin (still quite oily on forehead and noise but no pimple breakouts). I don't understand why but i woke up yesterday morning and saw HEAPS (10ish little pimple dots on both of my cheeks) - ALL OF A SUDDEN! They get only a little itchy sometimes. Is this normal? I haven't been stressed at all lately. They seem more red and bulgy in the morning and sort of shrinks down at night. I'm very worried!


Please help! Thanks in advance!

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Have you gone to see a doctor? I dont know if things are different here over in the UK but I had a friend who had terrible acne and she went to see the doctor because she run out of ideas on how to make her skin any better. He gave her a diet plan to see for a couple of weeks whether it was anything to do with what she eats; the plan was ALOT of fresh vegetable, fruits, ALOT of water.. But that didnt really do much to help it. So he prescribed her these tablets designed to combat acne. I can't think of the name of the tablets now, but I do know that aswell as getting them on prescription you should be able to buy them in any major supermarket because once her prescription run out and the doctor said to see how her skin deals when she stops taking the tablets. But she just went and bought more and after a year, her skin is the envy of us all now! Lol Obviously everyone is different but - do you eat alot of oily, greasy foods? I know if I have ANYTHING greasy or oily my skin goes terrible the day after, like all the grease is coming out through my pores. So perhaps if you give the more fruit, veg and water a try perhaps that will make a difference? I will speak to my friend and try and get the name of the tablets for you, see if they sell them in Oz because according to my friends they were marvellous.

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Ewww. When that happened to me, it turned out I was allergic to something in my pillowcases; either the detergent or my hair styling products. I rewashed them all in a dye-free, fragrance-free laundry solution and gave them an extra rinse. I also invested in enough cases to change them every night.


Avoid all soaps on your face. I heal my sensitive skin reactions with a cleanser containing Tea Tree Oil. I apply the cleanser and let it set until dry. Most people believe it dries out the skin, but it actually balances your Ph. You can follow with a mild moisturizer, but use one designed for sensitive skin--zero fragrances, even if they're 'natural'.


Caution: test all products on your wrist to ensure you're not allergic, including hair products which can inflame your scalp without you realizing it and cause your face to break out.


In your corner.

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Hi CerysJane,


No I haven’t seen a doctor yet. My last acne crisis went away itself. I did use pimple creams and stuff… but I didn’t find them effective. So I just waited and it cleared away itself. I feel it is different this time. It, appearing all of a sudden shocks me!!!


Nope i haven't been eating oily foods lately. I'm not on a diet or anything... but a few weeks ago, i stopped touching greasy foods, soft drinks............ however, i ate half a box of ferrero rocher just the other day. I do not think that's the cause because i eat chocolates regularly and don't end up like this. I know diet is a big determinant but I just don’t think that’s it. I got my periods this morning. Maybe the whole acne thing links to that? But it hasn’t happened before.


My skin is quite oily… so the grease coming out through your pores thing… I’m getting it on my nose all of the time even though I’m deliberately avoiding greasy/junk food. I asked my dermatologist about the oily pores and she said it’s because of the age and I shouldn’t be too worried. So you shouldn’t be too worried as well.


The prescription tablets sound like magic! I’ve never heard of such tablets in Aust. Do the tablets make her thirsty or experience some sort of side effects? I will definitely give the ‘more water and healthy diet’ a go. Thank you for the help! Greatly appreciated! =)


Hi catfeeder,


It’s happened to you before? Are you serious? Waking up one morning and seeing your face covered in pimples? Phew! I thought I was alone.

I don’t think my pimples are caused by allergies. Apart from grass, I don’t think I’m allergic to anything else. I haven’t changed my shampoo/hair styling products or my skin cleansing products.


I got up this morning and found that most of them have gone down. However………. Why am I getting these little darker coloured dots (replacing these bulgy pimples)? Oh God…….. I hope I don’t end up with scars. I haven't been touching them/scratching them at all.


Thanks for your help. I'll change my pillow case today.

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Sorry I've been so long in getting back to you! I hope you read this! The pills my friend took are called 'HRI Clear Complexion Tablets'. I hope they help! xxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you CerysJane! My dots are kinda gone now... but i'll keep your recommendation close to me, just in case. Cheers!

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