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Very bad menstrual pains + burning, sore, itchy?

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I was wondering if anyone has any idea what these symptoms may suggest.


The past four days or so I've had an extremely sore vagina, accompanied by itchiness and a burning sensation in various areas. I've also just started my period and am experiencing very painful menstrual cramps and pains (I don't normally get any cramps at all when I menstruate). Inserting and removing tampons has become very painful and uncomfortable due to the soreness.


I'm on long-term antibiotics for chronic tonsillitis so it's quite possible I could have thrush, however the last time I had thrush it was nothing like this - I was just a bit itchy.


If symptoms persist of course I will be off to see my doctor, but what do you guys think?

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In addition to what other posters have said, stop using tampons for now and use pads instead. Thrush can burn as well as itch, but it sounds like you have a urinary tract infection as well. Depending on how broad-spectrum your antibiotics are, they may or may not protect against other infections.


A urinary tract infection like cystitis will give you a cramping sensation like you describe.


It all sounds very nasty and I hope you get it sorted soon!

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