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New years eval needed


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Ok umm 1st things off happy new years to all.


2nd could some1 tell me if things went good tonight w/ my one friend I really like. Ok well story starts last sunday. My friend (who i like very much) Amber invited me and my dad to a local gun club 4 new years so I talked him into goin in hopes get to talk to her. Well she was there and omg she looked great so I ended up getting all jumpy and scared. I finally got to talk 2 her some. There was a band and I cant talk well. Any way told her that she looked real nice 2night n she thanked me 4 that. Few mins l8r I asked if shed toast new years w/ me "oh i cant drink." "no i ment a kiss at 12" "maybe well see" So 12 came around and I was tryin to get her and IDK if she just didnt hear me or didnt want 2 kiss but I couldnt get her. So then I started feeling down and wanted 2 leave. So on the way out I had my dad get her and wished her happy new years n gave her a hug.


She has agreed to go out to the movies but this was be4 I said bout 12 kiss. Did I mess things up w/ her?

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Well a few months ago my dad asked her if she had a bf n I guess that I wanted to know. She went "awwwww yea" So I have no clue. I dont really have much time though w/ her. She leaves 4 the national guard training camp in SC in April. Call me stupid but Id give nething 4 her felt that way since day 1.

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