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TMI but serious inquiry

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I usually pee, a lot, during an average day but the last 24 hours I documented how many times I have went and it was 20 times. thats not good... right ? Im gonna keep documenting for at least a few days to see if its really that bad or just today. If it is this bad, I should go to a doctor?


When I was 19 I had the same problem, and actually got fired from my job because i "took to many breaks"


For me, I never felt like I fully emptied my bladder. I would go, and 10 minutes later have to go again! It was SO frustrating! Forget about any road trips!


I went to the doctor several times, and everything came back normal.


At the time though, I was taking ecstasy on a rare occasion. I think that is was caused it. I'm not sure though..


I would see your doctor just to see if you have any sort of UTI or bladder infections. Try drinking a lot of cranberry juice, and cut certain foods from your diet everyday to see if something may be triggering it. If you drink coffee or tea, try not to have more than one cup a day and see if that helps.

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Well I think peeing a lot can be a sign that something is wrong. If it's an unusual amount of times for you. I disagree with the statement that peeing a lot is just fine. It depends entirely on your body and what is normal for you. If something changes and it's not due to drinking more fluids, you should get checked out.


If it's frequent enough to interfere with your life, then it's a problem.


Oh, and it's not necessarily age-related in case you are wondering. 1 in 3 women who have a frequent urination problem are under 35.


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are you also very thristy and very hungry? frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes. get a physical with your doctor.


i agree with annie24! go to the doctor asap. when the blood sugar gets too high and there is not enough insulin to keep it in check, the body tries to flush out the excess sugar by taking in more fluid and passing the sugar in the urine. this is not good because it taxes the body a lot, especially the kidneys. this is why people with untreated diabetes are always so thirsty, the body is literally dumping the excess sugar into the urine without processing it fully.


aside from that though, it could be a host of other infections, some of which are not as serious as diabetes. others have mentioned minor infections such as bladder, UTI, or kidneys... all of those would cause you to not feel like you are emptying your bladder.


if you have burning or pain with urination, this could also be a STI/STD.


you will probably need a urine dip, a test where the doctor checks for blood with litmus paper, as well as a urine culture where they do a more detailed work up on what your white blood cell count is and whether or not infection is present. neither of these tests are invasive, and basically just involve you peeing into a specimen cup.


better safe than sorry - hurry to get it done! good luck and take care of yourself!

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