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What should I do?

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My last post is under: Unbelievable

If you're wondering my story..


Two days ago he sent me a text saying "been awhile hows u"

I didn't reply.

Then he calls.

I didn't answer.

Then an hour later he calls again and leaves a voicemail saying "hey you just calling to bull* * * * and see whats up give me a call if you want, talk to you later bye"


The nerve of him!!!! He's trying to act as though he hasn't just broken my heart and everything is just hunky dory. Either he's playing stupid..or he really is just that dumb to believe I would be fine with just "bull* * * * ting" with him. I can't even believe it.

Should I continue no contact or give him a call and just "chit chat"? I'm not still so sad that I can't talk to him but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to just be friends with him when my feelings are so strong..I have my low moments, and when they hit boy are they low and I just break down. But I'm also carrying on, staying strong and accomplishing things in life, I'm signed up for college again and I will be getting my degree after this spring which makes me extremely proud and happy..also gives me something to look forward to.


But the same thought keeps coming to my mind every day...if you love someome let them go, if its meant to be they will find their way back to you. I want to let him go because I love him so much...not because I dont want him in my life and I dont think he'll see it that way. We are both very stubborn and he may think well she's moving on, and I want her to be happy so I'll let her go too. I dont want that!!!!


15 minutes after I posted yesterday he called me again, no voicemail.

Why does he keep calling me ugh!!!?

Perhaps he is realizing I wont always be there for him, just dangling for whenever he wants me.

Could this possibly freak him out so he's going to try and contact me like crazy?

I am keeping strong with NC, maybe he's starting to feel scared?

OR maybe thats just how I want him to feel and he doesn't at all, I dont know.


He called me once at 6pm last night, then again at 2am in the morning.


I'm wondering if I should've answered now...maybe he just wanted to talk? Why would he be thinking of me at 2 in the morning!??


This is stupid of me because now I'm wondering why he was trying to contact me so late at night.


What should I do tonight???


It's new years even and I dont want him to think I'm just ignoring him because I want nothing to do with him.



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