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I'm finally feeling the healing

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I remember thinking that if my ex stayed friendly with me and let me down easy it would make it easier to heal.. but almost 2 months after the breakup, i think that would have been the worse way to go about it. Her being nice to me and treating me well would have just made it easier to somehow hold out hope.

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I remember, years ago, going through a very painful divorce. I had a good friend say to me, "how can he help you get over this pain, when he is the one causing it?" Sounds and sounded like pure and simple logic to me. You can't count on the source of your pain to be the relief of your pain. Not really, in a real way. I hope you feel better as the days go by. There is something to be said for time and healing. Best to you.

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me too. feeling peaceful tonight. When he said that he is not a robot and he thought of a lot of things too but tried his best to hide it, I asked him to be a complete robot for me [to help with my healing process]. So I am pretty sure he is not going to contact me tonight. Pretty sure we are over. But even if just 5% chance I am still hoping to see him again.


But at least right now I feel so peaceful and feel like I have nothing to lose. It's very important to be a happy person to start with. Although I am not a strong religious person but it helps. I think despite all these pain actually whatever I have is extra from God. It is OK whenever He wants to take it away. So if I think the happiness is extra instead of taking it for granted, I feel more peaceful and thankful.


I know its easier said than done and at any moment I will be angry with God again. But right now I think if I can get him back it'll be like winning a lottery, if I can't get him back, that's nothing surprising. All I need to prepare myself to is to be calm when I see him next time.


Sorry this may not be appropriate here. But glad that we both feel the healing tonight.

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