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Ladies: Birth control..and weight gain

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I haven't been on birth control in a couple years..last time I was on it I

was on the Patch. it was ok...but I noticed my boobs got really big. I

am already a C cup...that wasn't too bad but I noticed I gained probably

about 5- 8 lbs overall. I wasn't working out regulary at that time either.

Now I am considering going back on it again. I like the patch because

I just wear it for a week and don't have to worry about it every day.

I'm also working out 4-6 times a week now and trying to eat better.

So i hope that would negate some of the weight gain.


Is it common for those of you on birth control to gain some weight

on birth control? And what type are you on? Thanks!!!



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I don't think I've ever had weight gain due to the pill, or at least not enough that I've noticed. I used to use the pill & now the shot, which I also haven't noticed weight gain. If you're working out regularly & eating healthy you will be fine!

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Probably the best thing to do is to look for comparisons of side effects and check message boards for the different brands. There are now so many combinations and types out there, who knows? The risk of starting at our age is a little higher too, for cancer and such, so maybe talk that over with a doc too.

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