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I can't help to stay calm


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Everyday I get introuble and I can't help to yell to get over my anger. It's like I am losing my voice because my parents and my grandma are making me madder everytime they yell at me, so I start yelling louder. How can I stop this? I try to stop but it is hard for me because when people are yelling, even if isn't at me, I still get angery. I just need to know how to stop it?

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hi, i had depression before, during that time, i was so upset that only yelling will help to ease the frustration. boy, it sure feels good in a way. even now, when i am super upset, i yell too. but honestly, i am so ashame of the yelling, i feel kinda low. my current bf had not seen me yell before, i am so sure he will not love me anymore if he saw me like that.


sorry, i do not have a solution. i read your post and know how you feel. what i think is try to break the pattern. make a conscious effort not to do it or it will become a habit. when i had depression i could not control. now that i had recovered, i am able to control better.

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