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Help - I have talked myself up too much I think


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I am feeling kind of nervous on the eve of THAT date - it's a long-ish distance thing and tonight has been arranged for a few weeks.


The guy I am seeing is very experienced (well, so I am I, but I have been in a LTR for 5 years until 8 months ago, this will be my first time back in the water so to speak since then) but also this guy is a bit kinky. Like he likes to do all manner of strange things which I won't go into here. Some of them I really like the idea of, some of them not so much.


Anyway, he is VERY forthright about what he is going to do to me/how much he wants me etc when we have been out together before and I have been giving him the same sort of chat. Consequently he thinks I am one hot beeatch! LOL


But I'm worried I will bottle it and not go through with it (even though he REALLY turns me on and I do want to sleep with him) because I will have forgotten how to do it, or he will get carried away and try some of the kinky stuff I'm not into and it will be embarrassing! Any advice? Apart from large quantities of alcohol lol...

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Are you interested in a fun night of hot sex (nothing wrong with that!) or a relationship?? If it's the latter, but upfront that you'd like to see if you can connect outside of the sheets as well. If you're looking to have a good time but you're nervous...liquor up and enjoy! Maybe he'll teach you something new

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