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Being sensitive???


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I think I need to seek a therapist to get some much needed answers to this issue - because it's something that keeps haunting me over and over again.


A 4 month relationship just came to an end, kind of a surprise to hear it was over. I wasn't in love with her, never even said I loved her - maybe that was a sign! She never said it either - nor felt it from what I could tell. We just really really liked each other.


So she ended it - and I'm doing my best to be friends - but I hate myself for not wanting anything more to do with her. I see other people break up and care about each other, they stay friends as they watch each other start dating someone else...and there's nothing wrong with that for them. For me - HOLY CRAP, it rips my insides out. Yet - I feel this way over a woman I wasn't in love with. It's more the lonely factor again....being by myself, looking, waiting to meet someone.....it makes me feel so worthless and depressed, and I hate it.


I'm confused over these feelings - I know if I saw her or talked to her I would be happy.....and if I saw or heard he making out with some guy, it would rip me apart inside. I also know that once that happened, and the pain died down - I would be okay, and whoever she is with would be no big difference to me. Her on the other hand, I hear her talk about her past boyfriends - how so and so was better off with this other girl he met - and how an ex of many years and her just weren't right so dating her friend was better for him.....I'm like "WOW"....it's like it doesn't bother her or affect her what-so-ever.


I think I have issues - and it's hard on me because dating is very hard on me. When a woman isn't interested, regardless of if i'm interested in her or not - it hurts! Add the "me being interested" factor and BAM - the hurt/pain is multiplied.

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