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Tortured by ex on NYE..??


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I've read a lot of posts today (hey, I'm on vacation!) and noticed that a lot of people are tortured by the idea of the ex kissing someone else at midnight. I'm not in the same boat so feel free to disregard what I'm about to say, but here goes...

If your ex is with someone else, he/she probably kissed that person yesterday and the day before so don't kill yourself with the thought of this romantacized notion of "being with someone at the stroke of midnight". If you are feeling lonely, join the club of millions who re-evaluate their plot in life on NYE (or...go out and enjoy and look forward to the things to come)--- but don't let your ex have so much power over your evening!! Your blessings are coming your way...don't spend any more time comparing who's got what today...give thanks for what you have and start going for the things you still want (unless of course that's your ex...then refer back to not letting them have power over your evening).

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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