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New Year's-This sucks


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if i didnt have any studying to do i swear i'd go to sleep too. me and the bf had a fight and it feels as bad as a break up. sorry you have to go thru a break up at this time.


who will u be spending it with?

the good thing about breaking up right before the new yr, is that it feels like a "new beginning for the better".. that was my past experience anyway. i was able to let go of the ex quicker (even though i was hoping for a text msg or something.)

i suggest maybe spending midnight with family or friends? or a party...

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I would suggest that you try and find yourself a new years kiss. You would be surprised how many people just want a kiss and nothing more for new years. My ex and I had big plans for new years. We wanted to start off our first FULL year together with a passionate sex session. She wanted me to be inside her at the stroke of midnight. Now.... that wont happen but I am glad that I found out who she really was before it was too late.


Put a smile on that face and try to find a new years kiss! Good luck!

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