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Depressed - lonely - single


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I'm a 26 year old shy guy and just lately I have been feeling ever so depressed, never felt this bad maybe its because its over the xmas period but I've spent most of xmas alone by myself i don't have a girlfriend never really had one I always seem to attract the wrong type of girl for some reason, I never feel very welcome when going around my parents so I feel as if nobody seems to want me I'm not a bad person or anything, But I feel nobody really seems to miss me. would it matter if I wasn't really here.


I often think it would be so much easier if I wasn't here I really feel I'm struggling, no matter how hard I try at anything I always seem to fail.

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Its so much easier to think nobody gives a flying cahoots about you. I know too well how you feel. You are looking for a way out of the bull * * * * you are facing 2day. Am I wrong?


You think nobody gives a flying * * * * about you. At the same time, you want to move forward with your life. You know in your soul that you should. You would not be here talking to us if I were incorrect. The question is how. I know to well how you feel about welcome ness around parents.


You are facing the tract of life, reality, just like I was, to understanding. Your perception is and will be your near future reality. You appear to be quite intelligent, being aware of everything around you. I wish I was in your shoes at your age. Be smart rackdude, take advantage of what you have, while you have it.


I just saw Metallica in San Diego & Phoenix a few weeks ago. Makes me cry thinking about it. I head banged my balls off and romped around with floor tickets like there was no one else around. I know how rare an experience it was and will never happen again.


Perception is reality. I just gave you an awesome example of my reality. Only you can define yourself and the experiences you have in life. Remember that.

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i have to keep me busy , dont let me have spare time to think about those bitter things. im not lucky in love at all. I really hate singless as well, but how to solve? im a little shy, especially as a girl, if too active, i have no idea whether men like it. I think travel is a nice way to let u forget bull * * * * ...

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