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First dinner date - is he always supposed to pick her up?


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There are no hard and fast rules. Only what the two people directly involved agree to.


That being said, I think it's a nice gesture to at least offer. If it's a first date, I would assume you are still concerned about making a good impression. If I was the female in this situation, the guy being reluctant to or refusing to pick me up because the restaurant is closer to his home would say a couple of things to me - That he thinks I'm not worth the effort/time, and that he may be lazy or cheap or both.


Now, being the practical, frugal gal I am, if I knew roughly where you lived and where the restaurant was located and their relationship to each other, I'd probably offer to meet there. PsychGirly also brings up a good point that I think most females consider when just starting to see someone they've only recently met and don't know very well.

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