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Normal reaction right?


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Ok not sure where exactly to post this but since it's about anger I'll post it here.


Dunno if there's something wrong with me, see if I were to feel veral threatened, getting close to physical (where the person has the intention to hurt me) then I go crazy and my mind is about seriously injuring them. I get sooooo angry in getting threatened and don't appreciate getting yell either, that makes me go crazy too.


Ok here's the situation that happened today with my father. I was soooo close to hurting him because of his tone of voice plus the nearly physical encountered, a heated argument over a stupid extensive video game my little brother has. We were yelling to the top of our lungs, yes I can be hot-headed like him too. I went to the extreme of telling my mother how 'I'm gonna kill him (ok not really, I overdid it on that one but yes with hitting if he ever does) after he reply of ''Don't talk back, else...blah, blah, so what I ain't scare, I'm mad''. I get the weird feeling that if this were to have gone to physical then I would cause injuries on him.


I don't believe I'm violent or I'm am? Do I got those traits?

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I was raised in a hot household, too. Problem with that is, you might think that yelling and screaming is normal, only to find out that when you take it to the outside world you're screwing yourself.


Hot households blow up then settle down, people vent, freak, get it out, and it's done. That doesn't translate the same on a job, out in public or in relationships with people who were raised to learn self control.


This isn't some moral finger-wag, and I'm not being PC about 'anger management'--I'm just trying to warn you that there are consequences to letting stupid $h!t press your rage button and going there with it. You can lose everything in a heartbeat if you don't take corrective measures into your own hands--it's not about your family. That doesn't mean trying to squelch anger, it means working with someone who can teach you how to handle anger in ways that won't blast out sideways when you least expect it and destroy your whole life in the blink of an eye.


Whether we're talking about physical reactions or losing an important friend, job or lover when your mouth goes off--you can never take back the damage once its done. Please learn how to prevent it.


In your corner.

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use ur screen name " yeawutever" whenever u feel like yelling


there is no point in yelling, it can be explained through normal volume


it might be considered a normal reaction but its not good to want to hurt a family member


Thank you, I will be doing that from now on. No point in following it.

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