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Where should I go?


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Hi All,


My boyfriend of five years and I are separating/ taking some time apart. I will be starting back to school for another bachelor's starting on the 26th. I really want to take a trip before school. I feel like it will help me to clear my head and get some perspective on the relationship.


I was wondering: does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should go?


Some things that might help:


1. I love love love to travel

2. I'm 32

3. I have been all over the US, Europe, Australia, and some New Zealand

4. I would like to stay relatively close to home (Mexico, South America, the Bahamas, Aruba, even somewhere in the US)

5. I was going to take my first cruise, but the one I wanted was sold out. 8. I'm flying solo on this one.

6. Money isn't much of an issue

7. The ideal get away would be about a week.


Anybody have any ideas?



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Oh yeah! The Virgin Islands! Didn't think about that one... thanks! I'll look into it.


As for Tijuana, I live in San Diego, so it wouldn't be a big trip for me... plus they're advising against Baja because of the drug wars. Check it out. It's pretty crazy there right now. Eight hundred some-odd people murdered in Tijuana because of the drug cartels this year.



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