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my ex-boyfriend is haunting me


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so, my boyfriend and i broke up about 2 months ago after 3 1/2 years of datng. i had a very very hard time handling it at first and took it very hard. eventually i started to get better then we were trying to work things out but then he broke it off for good about a month ago. i handled it a lot better that time even though it still hurt. but eventually i started talking to other guys and went out on a couple dates. things got a lot better. anyways i was barely ever thinking about my ex and if i was it was in a bitter, hating sort of way (sorry i havent moved past the bitter stage of the breakup). then about a week and a half ago i had a terrible dream that id be out and see him in another relationship with another girl. (im also in that part where i dont want to be with him but it would kill me if i saw him with someone else). anyways i woke up in a cold sweat and it freaked me out because it was like my worst nightmare. anyways i brushed it off and went on with my day and didnt think about him anymore. but then every night ive had the same dream or some variation involving my ex breaking my heart again or being with someone else and me seeing it. i dont think about it consciously at least but i keep dreaming about it and its really freaking me out. all in all ive had nightmares about my ex about 9 nights in a row now. i dont believe in superstitions or anything but i dont want to keep dreaming about my ex!! any suggestions??

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