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Why do I feel as if he is avoiding me?


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So there is this guy at work who used to talk to me all the time. Then he gets a girl friend (or so I'm told by other people) and he is always giving me the cold shoulder now. When he does talk to me he never mentions her, nor as he ever said he even had a gf. Is it possible that he liked/likes me and is trying to avoid me because he is now with someone?

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No matter what the reason could be, I'd decide that he's trying to demo respect for his GF by keeping his flirting in check. Then I'd honor that and keep it all about work.


Besides, that's what I'm supposed to focus on in the workplace, anyway. My behaviors are observed more keenly than I ever suspected while all companies are forced to make cuts next quarter. It can only help me keep my job in this economy if I'm more professional than ever.


In your corner.

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